Android phones have evolved significantly in recent years, with the phones and apps that come with them exploring new technology every day.

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. has added to that growing technology with its revolutionary Therm-App thermal mobile device, which it says is the industry’s first and only such device for Android phones.

The Therm-App device is ideal for security, law enforcement, and search and rescue applications, enabling tracking of vehicles up to 1,500 meters and people up to 500 meters away (with its 19mm lens).

As far as thermography goes, the Therm-App device uses color temperature mapping between 5°C and 90°C and features available palettes of rainbow, iron and grayscale.

The lightweight and compact camera with 384×288 pixel resolution serves as an effective situational awareness, surveillance, location and evidence collection tool, while enhancing the safety of personnel in the field.

Offering all the functionality and convenience of an Android phone, the portable camera with interchangeable lenses enables users to record and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos.

Therm-App is compatible with Android 4.1 and up.

The Therm-App device normally retails for $1,600, but is currently on sale for $999.

For more information on the Therm-App, please visit

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