Airsoft guns have been unable to gain traction among serious gun enthusiasts in the United States, but that might be about to change. Tippmann Sports, a company which specializes in manufacturing paintball markers and equipment, and startup company Wolverine Airsoft are each releasing new products which push the envelope in the Airsoft marketplace. Scroll down to watch two separate videos about these new innovative releases.

New for 2014, Tippmann Sports have announced the release of their M4 Carbine. Similar to an M4/AR, this rifle has a flip-top break down design. The air system is compatible with both a 12g CO2 cartridge in the 80-round mag, and the built-in remote line. In addition, it may be used with standard AEG magazines from 30 to 300 rounds. This new Carbine from Tippmann also has a metal receiver and is compatible with M4/AR components like a rear stock, front shroud and a Picatinny rail system. The M4 Carbine also comes with an in-line bolt system with anti-jam technology, flip up front and rear sights and modular 8-sided Picatinny fore grip. This item is set for a summertime release. It will retail for $399.

Meanwhile, Wolverine Airsoft are gearing up for their own unique release in the marketplace. Brand new for 2014, the company has developed a solution for the end user who doesn’t want to replace the entire AEG system: the SMP, or Single Moving Part. The SMP utilizes High Pressure Air in backpack tanks, which are regulated with an electronic trigger assembly. The SMP fits any gearbox that uses standard TM compatible cylinder set. This unique product allows the user to keep the outer shell while upgrading the often troublesome internal technology. Pricing information and the release date for SMP is not yet available.

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