The patented RFR (Re-Focus Ring) is a revolutionary new night vision accessory available exclusively from TNVC. Manufactured by STS, it solves one of the biggest frustrations faced by night vision operators: having to adjust the device’s focus to view close-in objects. The RFR universally adapts to most issued night vision goggles and provides an instant close focus of 18” when flipped down in front of the objective lens. This gives the operator the ability to instantly re-focus his/her night vision goggle to close range and back. No more fumbling with re-focusing night vision goggles for close work. A quick flip of the RFR allows the operator to toggle back and forth while keeping his/her primary hand on the weapon. The RFR has been in service with special operations units for years.

The RFR is one of the most simplistic, yet revolutionary accessories for night vision goggles. Standard baseline focus of NODs is from about 15’ out. Anything closer starts to get progressively more blurry.


Traditionally, the operator needed to manually refocus the objective and diopter or replace the objective lens cap on the goggle to get a close focus. This exercise often requires two hands and lots of fumbling in the dark. The RFR requires a half second to flip up or down, allowing the operator to refocus on the fly. This is a must-have accessory for tasks such as map-reading, administering first aid, etc. The list is endless. The RFR is a universal device that mounts to most popular and issued night vision goggles.


This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

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The patented RFR (Re-Focus Ring) is a revolutionary new night vision accessory available exclusively…