In the upcoming October 2014 issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, author David Bahde has rounded up some of the best new plate carriers and tactical vests available.

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Bahde writes, “Ensuring that you have every advantage when you go into harm’s way is a must. By acquiring effective and capable armor systems, you are ensuring you have a leg up in any conflict you enter. My first tactical vest weighed a ton, even without rifle-capable hard plates, and it took forever to put on. Those days are all but gone, as vest makers have revolutionized these systems. Modern hard armor plates are lighter and can withstand multiple hits, whether on their own or in conjunction with soft body armor. Now soft armor is lighter, more flexible and better equipped to stop some of today’s most lethal pistol rounds. Combined, hard and soft armor provide the most while still complete protection possible being relatively comfortable, easy to put on and customizable. Whether simple carrier riding over your ballistic vest or a complete system, there are more high-quality choices than ever before.

“Simple carriers provide a place to hold hard plates designed to stop high-velocity rifle rounds. The plates themselves can be made of simple steel or complex materials. Their weight varies based on their construction, and several sizes are made to accommodate different needs. Many stand alone, providing single- or multiple-hit protection. Plate carriers can be designed to be incredibly simple, or highly modular by providing pockets or a means to attach accessories. Others are designed with the ballistic armor built in, providing an outer carrier that does it all. It really depends on the operator’s needs. The following is a roundup of some of the newer systems available today.”

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