AR stock designs have come a long way since the original, old-school M16A2 fixed stock.

If you’re a smaller-statured shooter or need to wear a lot of clothing/gear, consider a collapsible stock. A fixed stock might make sense if you’re shooting at longer distances and have the time to settle in for a long shot and do not require extra maneuverability.

Remember that the lower receiver is the part of the AR-platform rifle regulated and considered the firearm by federal law. When making modifications, make sure they abide your state and local laws.

Ace Hammer

The Hammer (HMR) stock from Ace Ltd. is touted as the world’s strongest AR stock. It is machined from heat-treated, aircraft-grade aluminum and is tough and rugged while being completely user adjustable. The seven length-of-pull positions are laser-etched onto the main tube. The tube uses a spring-loaded ball bearing to ensure collapsing and expanding the stock is smooth and effortless. The cheekpiece of the Hammer stock is also adjustable for height so a user can customize it to their stature and optic. (; 888-736-7725)

ATI TactLite

The new TactLite AR-15 stock from Advanced Technology International (ATI) is one of the lightest AR-15 stocks on the market, weighing in at roughly 5.85 ounces. The TactLite (see photo next page) stock also boasts an industry-first constant inner diameter throughout the length of the stock, with versions available for both military and commercial-spec rifles. This innovative design feature reduces any movement of the buffer tube in the stock system. The buffer tube is also fixed between a slide mechanism comprised of a material with an extremely low friction coefficient, which provides a secure and tight fit with minimal resistance. The six-position-adjustable stock also features a new slim, lightweight version of ATI’s Scorpion Recoil Pad, as well as a (QD) sling mount and slot. (; 800-925-2522)

BCM Gunfighter

The new BCM Gunfighter stock is an improvement on the M4 units BCM currently sells. Featuring a streamlined, snag-free design, this new stock still fits all mil-spec-sized buffer tubes and doesn’t need the additional external tension adjustment that other units do. A large adjustment latch runs over half the length of the underside, making adjustments easy. BCM patented the internals, with the main locking piece made from a heat-treated steel alloy, as compared to the more typical single pin found in other adjustable stocks. (; 877-272-8626)

DPMS Pardus

DPMS’ Pardus collapsible AR stock is constructed of lightweight, fiber-reinforced Zytel polymer and comes in an all-business black finish. Unlike other AR buttplates, the Pardus buttplate is curved and has a saw-tooth texture so it will stay tucked into a user’s shoulder pocket. A Monte Carlo-style cheekrest offers more shooting comfort. Four integrated slots allow numerous sling attachment options. Users can adjust the length of pull via an ergonomic latch that has built-in finger grooves. (; 888-736-7725)

Ergo F93 Pro

The eight-position F93 collapsible stock has one of the longest length-of-pull adjustment ranges available. It is 8 inches from receiver to buttplate when collapsed and 12 inches when fully extended. The cheekpiece is fixed to eliminate rattle and provide a constant and repeatable cheekweld. The stock offers two quick-detach sling attachment points and three sling-attachment slots. Available in black, Flat Dark Earth, OD green and black/tan. (; 877-281-3783)

FAB Defense GL-MAG

The FAB Defense GL-MAG M4/AR-15 survival buttstock has a magazine carrier built in. The sleek stock design is snag free and fully adjustable for length of pull yet offers the convenience of a magazine carrier that can hold standard-sized M4 magazines. It is made of high-grade polymer that’s durable, reliable and lightweight. The ergonomic design uses a quick-release button that allows an operator to keep the carbine shouldered during a magazine change. (

Hogue OverMolded Collapsible

The Hogue OverMolded Collapsible buttstock for AR-platform rifles has options to fit both mil-spec and commercial-sized buffer tubes. Its reinforced-polymer construction features an OverMolded rubber cheekpiece, and the rubber/polymer hybrid buttpad provides for snag-free shouldering. It uses a rubber friction fit so it does not move or rattle. Multiple swivel sleeve and sling mounting locations are built in. It is available in seven different colors. (; 800-438-4747)

LaRue Tactical RAT

The RAT buttstock from LaRue Tactical has a two-stage trigger mechanism that allows a user to adjust the length of pull while in a variety of shooting positions. The six length-of-pull adjustments are smooth and easy to make. The outside of the stock is made of glass-filled polymer. It features ambidextrous sling swivel sockets and integrated 1-inch slots for numerous sling attachment options. The locking buttplate of the RAT stock also slides open to expose an internal compartment. (; 512-259-1585)

Magpul ACS

The ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) stock is a simple drop-in replacement that can enhance the ubiquitous AR carbine’s performance. The stock is designed to be snag-free, so it won’t catch on gear or your environment. The sloping cheekpiece offers a wide contact surface for a better cheekweld. Two water-resistant compartments are located on the left and right sides of the stock. The ACS features a friction-lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement. It mounts on any mil-spec tube. (; 877-462-4785)

MFT BattleLink Minimalist With Paracord

The BMSNRAT and BMSMILNRAT BattleLink Minimalist stocks from Mission First Tactical (MFT) include paracord to make the stock snag-free. Braided paracord spans from the toe of the buttpad to the forward-most sling attachment. The paracord can also be removed and used in emergency situations. The Minimalist is constructed of a tough, lightweight polymer with an angled, non-slip, rubberized buttpad that can be easily and comfortably used with and without body armor.
(; 267-704-0001)

TacStar AMRS

If match-grade accuracy is a requirement, then the TacStar AMRS (Adjustable Match Rifle Stock) is a good choice for a stock upgrade. The AMRS is compatible with A2 buffer tubes. The comb height and the length of pull can be adjusted for a custom fit. A hidden Picatinny rail allows users to attach a monopod. Quick-release sling swivel ports are built into the stock as well as numerous fixed slots for attaching a sling. (; 800-225-9626)

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