Surviving the fight is one thing, getting their ready for action is another. And, thanks to these next-generation tactical vehicles you can be assured that today’s warriors and operators have the tools they need at their immediate disposal.

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Texas Armoring: Bullet-Resistant Beasts in Shining Armor

When it comes down to it, low-visibility protection is a must for those facing high-level threats. And, thanks to Texas Armoring, that kind of protection is available. Taking everyday vehicles and armoring them to provide maximum protection is this company’s goal, and they deliver.

Flyer: General Dynamics’ Off-Road Warrior

Developed with SpecOps teams in mind, the Flyer from General Dynamics offers lightning-fast speed and amazing performance in a mission-ready platform. For those who need a tactical vehicle that can be deployed quickly around the world, the Flyer is the right answer!

Combat Vehicles: Sikorsky’s SB-1 Defiant Helicopter

The SB-1 Defiant is designed to deliver next-generation VTOL performance that will help our warfighters quickly engage threats in any theater around the world. Powerful, capable and fast, the SB-1 Defiant represents the future of tactical air power.

Tactical Trucks: Top 15 All-Terrain War-Zone Wheels

When it comes to facing threats on deadly ground, the armored vehicle is our warfighters’ first line of defense. Powerful, heavily armored and tough, these vehicles deliver the world’s warriors to hotspots to face any deadly threat.

K-MAX Unmanned Helicopter Keeps Aircrews Away From Risk

An ultra-advanced “drone warrior,” the K-Max Helo is a autonomously running helicopter than can quickly enter hot warzones and deliver much-needed supplies and equipment.  Representing tomorrow’s capabilities today, the K-Max stands ready to enter the fight.

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