Trijicon MGRS, MGRS
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Trijicon has done it again with the announcement of the new Machine Gun Reflex Sight, coming in Spring 2017. The Trijicon MGRS is a great solution machine gunners looking for an optic that can withstand the violent recoil produced by fixed and turret-mounted machine guns, which is touch enough as it is on regular optics.

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More from the press release:

Forged out of 7075-T6 aluminum, which is 80 percent stronger than more commonly used 6061 material, the MGRS allows machine-gunners to achieve first round hits on target and follow-up shots remain accurate, day or night. The MGRS features a large objective lens with a 3 inch-by-2 inch viewing area and a 35 MOA segmented circle reticle. Centered within the reticle is a 3 MOA dot for precise aiming. Segmented circle designs provide the ability to quickly acquire and maintain holds on targets from close combat to extended ranges. The unit is powered by a single CR123A battery mounted at the front of the housing to provide more than 1,000 hours of continuous operation, and an optional three-power magnifier is available for accuracy at longer ranges.

The MGRS offers seven brightness settings, two facilitating the use of night-vision optics and five providing amplification for current conditions, including a super-brilliant setting for bright daylight.

Zeroing is easy with 1 MOA adjustment increments and 100 MOA total travel of adjustment. Trijicon provides two interchangeable range knobs at the rear of the housing that are ballistically calibrated for use on the M240 and M2 machine guns. When properly zeroed to the weapon platform, the range knob allows the user to dial the correct range as a mechanical Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) for accurate engagements.

Like all Trijicon products, the MGRS is built for battlefield use, waterproof up to 2 meters and dry-nitrogen filled to prevent fogging. It’s easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Backed by a 5-year warranty from the manufacture date.

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