Trijicon unveiled two awesome new products at this year’s NASGW show. First, a new feature that is being integrated into their product line is a green fiber optic that will join the red, amber and yellow colors Trijicon already offers. Green is a color considered by many to be optimal for the human eye, so this introduction may seem like no big surprise to us tactical mavens.

But Trjicon’s new TA26S-10 ACOG is the real highlight to come out of the Trijicon booth. The picture above can be deceiving. It is a little more than 4 inches in length. At first, this ACOG will be available with mounts on an A2-style carry handle or as a substitute that is mounted in tandem to a scope. The idea being that the scope will provide magnified target acquisition at long ranges and the ACOG will do the work at close ranges.

The second awesome new Trijicon product is a tactical 5-20x50mm Accupoint rifle scope. The tactical community has long awaited this type of scope for tactical situation.

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Trijicon unveiled two awesome new products at this year's NASGW show. First, a new…