Trijicon AccuPower LED Riflescope Series

Trijicon has a long history of helping shooters with advanced and innovative optics and sights.

New for 2015, the innovation continues with the introduction of the AccuPower riflescope series.

Generated from the success of the LED-powered Trijicon VCOG and TARS, the AccuPower series is designed for versatility with variable power offerings of 1-4×24, 2.5-10×56, 3-9×40 and 4-16×50.

Integrating Aircraft-Grade Aluminum housing, superior quality glass lenses and advanced application-specific illuminated reticles, the AccuPower riflescope offers you the durability and dependability expected from Trijicon.

The AccuPower line features anti-reflective multi-coated lenses that provide superior clarity and light gathering capabilities. Adjustable reticle brightness settings are intuitive and easy-to-set, offering eleven brightness adjustments with an “Off” feature between each brightness setting — all powered by a long-lasting CR2032 battery fuels.

The AccuPower series incorporates a hybrid black chrome/etch and fill illuminated-reticle system available in red or green.

Four reticle choices are available: an intuitive MOA reticle, MIL-square reticle, Duplex crosshair, and the popular competition Segmented Circle crosshair with BDC capabilities.

All reticles are located in the second focal plane, meaning the reticle size and appearance remains constant as magnification increases. This provides a more exact aiming point at higher magnifications and is faster to use in low light situations.

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