Troy produces some cutting-edge weapons and gear, and 2016 looks to be another stellar year for the company. Some new introductions include handguards, stocks, sights and flash suppressors to upgrade your AR-platform rifles.

Troy has unveiled the first carbon-fiber handguard for Heckler & Koch’s HK416/MR556A1 carbines. The lightweight handguard features a long Picatinny top rail and numerous lightening cuts/slots for mounting rails and accessories. Currently, this is the only aftermarket carbon-fiber handguard for these HK rifles.

Another new addition is the Tomahawk PDW stock, which can turn your AR into a compact workhorse. The stock fits on rifles with full-sized bolt carrier assemblies, and it works much like a collapsible MP5 stock, riding on two rails that run along both sides of the receiver. Troy has updated the buttplate so it’s made of polymer for less weight and more shooting comfort.

Of course, the company is also expanding its sights and flash suppressor lineup to satisfy shooter demand.

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