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Troy Industries is best known for their superb M4/AR rails and backup sights. It also offers a complete line of M4 accessories and weapons upgrades. I recently completed an evaluation of Troy’s M7 upgrade kit and became very enamored. The kit comes complete with their Battle Ax CQB Stock and Grip, a complete upper with a match-grade, 7-inch barrel, their Modular Combat Grip, a cleaning kit and seven Troy BattleMags. On a recent trip, I carried the disassembled M7 in the provided Storm Hardcase. No one in the hotel gave the case a second look!

When Troy announced it was entering the suppressor market, I became intrigued. After all, the demand for their current line of products has been setting new records and showing no signs of slowing down. The launch of Troy’s .45 ACP and 9mm CQB suppressors had been delayed, but I was able to obtain a sample of each for evaluation. The .45 ACP and 9mm CQBs are traditional round suppressors, which utilize identical aluminum outer tubes. Each suppressor’s piston and baffles are constructed from stainless steel, and Troy has designed the end cap and piston to be removable to enable cleaning. Each CQB is disassembled with the supplied tool, by removing the piston/adaptor and then the locking ring.

The .45 ACP CQB suppressor is shown mounted on a Wilson Combat CQB. The pistol was 100-percent reliable with the Troy suppressor.

Gearing Up

I utilized two of my favorite host weapons for the evaluation. For the .45 ACP CQB, I chose Wilson Combat’s (800-955-4856; CQB, their most popular model. The Wilson CQB is an all-steel, 5-inch, Government 1911 model built on Wilson’s frame and slide. All the critical parts are bulletproof and CNC-machined from a solid steel billet. My test pistol featured a Wilson Battlesight and a fiber-optic front sight. Wilson also fitted a second, threaded, extended barrel to the CQB. A spokesperson for Wilson stated that a “covert” version of the CQB was not yet a standard item but could be specially ordered.

The Wilson CQB was an ideal host for the Troy 45mm-CQB suppressor. The fiber-optic front sight and rear Wilson Battlesight provided a clear sight picture.

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Image: Camera One Troy Industries is best known for their superb M4/AR rails and…