TRUGLO is giving shooters a pair of attractive new options with its Eminus and Omnia tactical riflescopes.

Touted as being ideal for tactical, target and hunting with MSRs, TRUGLO’s goal with its affordable and accurate Eminus riflescope is to get in on the rise of long-range shooting sports. There are two different models in the Eminus series: the Eminus9 (3-9x42mm) and the Eminus16 (4-16x44mm). The Eminus9 uses a fixed focus system and the Eminus16 utilizes a side focus/parallax dial adjustable from 20 yards to infinity. Quarter-MOA locking target turrets correspond to the illuminated TaxPlex reticle for improved shot tracking, measurement and holdover. All accessories come standard with the Eminus series, including the APTUS-M1 30mm one-piece mount, flip-up lens caps, and a quick-zoom lever to change magnification.

Stacked with high-end features, TRUGLO’s Omnia series of tactical riflescopes is designed for the entire effective range of the AR-15 platform and is available in two different models: the Omnia4 (1-4x24mm) and the Omnia16 (1-6x24mm). At 1x, both of these options give you a wide field of view and illuminated center for fast close-range shooting. With the included quick-zoom lever, the Omnia quickly transitions to maximum magnification for hitting long-distance targets.

The Omnia’s All Purpose Tactical Retical is calibrated for the XM193 (.223 55gr) cartridge with bullet drop compensation marks subtended from 50 to 600 yards, the press release says. This reticle is also designed for a 50/200 zero—which means shooters can spend less time making turret adjustments and more time in the optic and on target at all ranges. Thick, shortened crosshairs on the bottom and sides help shooters find the reticle’s center quickly, while a BDC “Ladder” enables long-range precision without obscuring the target.

According to the press release, the Omnia is built on a 30mm tube for increased brightness and a larger range of click adjustments. It comes with the APTUS-M1 30mm one-piece mount and pairs with modern sporting rifles. Half-MOA target turrets offer quick zeroing of the optic, with a solid lock-up to prevent accidental adjustments. Multi-coated lenses provide enhanced clarity and contrast.

MSRP for the Eminus9 is $280, while the Eminus16 will run you $369. The Omnia4 costs $280, with the Omnia6 being $369.

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