Turtleskin CP Neon 500 Gloves
Turtleskin CP Neon 500 Gloves

TurtleSkin, a company which specializes in manufacturing gear and accessories for tactical and everyday use, is introducing their new line of CP Neon Cut and Puncture Gloves. These gloves provide puncture protection from nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters & all types of needles, affording users the dexterity needed to complete any job. Lightweight and affordable, CP Neon gloves are made out of a bonded, patent-pending TurtleSkin fabric designed by Warwick Mills, a company which creates “high performance and patented protection in specialty fabrics engineered for personal and occupational safety,” including, but not limited to, ballistics, law enforcement, hunting, and high-pressure water protection to stab, cut, and needlestick prevention.”

There are three separate gloves in the CP Neon line: CP Neon 300, 400 and 500. CP Neon 300 is a general, all-purpose glove suitable for use with housekeeping, parks and recreation, lumber, glass. Meanwhile, CP Neon 400 is designed to be used with general workwear like metal fabrication, recycling, and food processing. CP Neon 500, which offers the highest level of puncture level protection, is perfect for high cut and puncture applications such as waste handling, belt sorting, meat processing. Retail price for CP Neon 300 is $30.00. Meanwhile, the CP Neon 400 retails for $49.00, and the CP Neon 500 is available for $61.40. All gloves may be bought in small, medium, large and extra large. Less than the thickness of three sheets of paper, the affordable, tough TurtleSkin CP Neon glove offer the end-user optimized protection without sacrificing flexibility, sensitivity or comfort.

TurtleSkin sells tactical gloves, body armor, and much more. For more information about TurtleSkin’s CP Neon Cut and Puncture Gloves and their range of products, please visit www.turtleskin.com

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