The Powered Rail is a revolutionary Patented powered rail system for the M4 Carbine and AR-15 based weapon platforms. It improves the warfighter’s weapons with a centralized power source for all mounted weapon accessories.

Currently, warfighters face some challenges with the accessories for their weapons. They require different batteries for each accessory, have to carry up to 30 batteries for each mission, have no way to gauge the remaining charge on each battery and have to deal with multiple switches and adjustment controls. This results in heavy loads, inefficiency and operational delays which can endanger the soldiers’ lives.



Standardizes Batteries – Simplifies battery management
Reduces Batteries Required – Lightens mission load
Improves Weapon Balance – Optimize weapon handling, increase lethality
Battery “Charge Meter” – Save costs by reducing waste
Centralizes Controls – Efficient utilization of weapon accessories
Future proofing – Opportunity for more powerful accessories with more functionalities


Saves disposable battery costs per soldier
Reduce from 7 different types of batteries to 1
Reduced carry load of batteries to 9.5 oz
Shift nearly 1 lb. of weight from rail to buttstock
Reduced form factor and weight of accessories
Increase power and capability of accessories
Fits all existing AR-15 platform of weapons
Core technology applicable to all weapon platforms with Picatinny Rails
Army SBIR funded, 2011 Army CPP selectee
Protected under US Patent No. 7,627,975 and other pending US Patent Applications

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The Powered Rail is a revolutionary Patented powered rail system for the M4 Carbine…