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(Photo by Tyrant Designs)

The following is a press release from Tyrant Designs

Tyrant Designs CNC, an industry leader in high end, aftermarket AR grips announced that they have released their new line of grips, the LWP Grip.

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Available in black, red, blue and grey the Lightweight Pro series is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum. The grips weigh in at a surprisingly light 3.4 ounces, thanks to some weight savings by milling out the entire inside of the grip as well as addition holes on the top.

“The Lightweight Pro tips the scales at 3.4 ounces and is lighter than the majority of available grips currently on the market. ( Yes we mean polymers too) ! We set out to create the lightest, most ergonomic grip on the market without compromising the structural integrity and quality. It is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum and has a knurled back strap for additional adhesion. It instantly gives the operator the confidence needed in any weather or scenario, all while maintaining the consistency needed for a light weight build. Despite its lightweight it is incredibly durable and does not feel flimsy in the hand. If you are looking for the perfect grip for your lightweight build, look no further than the LWP!”

Tyrant Designs CNC is an AR accessories manufacturer based just outside of Chicago.

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They have had several successful designs for AR pistol grips and have plans to expand to foregrips as well as other AR accessories this year.

About Tyrant Designs CNC

Tyrant Designs CNC has 30 years of machining experience in Defense, Aerospace, and Medical fields. After three decades of perfecting our methods, we decided to branch out to gun accessories. Our mission statement is simple; To design and manufacture only the highest of quality rifle accessories . Why? Because your rifle deserves a better quality accessory, and so do you.

For more information, visit: www.tyrantcnc.com.

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