new mod foregrip series from Tyrant Designs CNC

Illinois-based aftermarket AR grip maker Tyrant Designs CNC is back with a new line of foregrips. Dubbed the MOD ForeGrip, these grips weigh just 1.7 ounces, feature an aluminum body with a polymer strap, and are compatible with M-LOK and KeyMod rails. Here’s the statement below from Tyrant Designs.

“The MOD ForeGrip is the first installment in our new line of foregrips! Designed to match our very successful MOD AR-15 Pistol Grip, it too has an aluminum body with a polymer finger strap. With a specially designed mounting system, it is compatible with both M-LOK and Keymod rails. Meaning with just a quick change in hardware (that is supplied with the grip when purchased) it can be mounted on either type of rail system. We believe that this is the type of versatility that operators need in order to furnish multiple weapons. The polymer strap helps the operator instantly feel comfortable with the foregrip and give them the confidence needed for any type of situation. We feel that foregrips are a great solution for anyone who desires more muzzle control, and we look forward to adding more to this line in 2017!”

The MOD ForeGrip is available in black, red and grey right now, with a blue option coming soon. The suggested retail price is $69.95. For more about Tyrant Designs CNC, visit


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