While there are many scope manufacturers offering optics of all types to hunters, target shooters, plinkers and such, there is a very short list of brands and models preferred by real-world tactical shooters, such as the Leupold Mark IV, Schmidt & Bender and Nightforce NXS. One brand that is perhaps not quite as well known to the general shooting public, but has an outstanding reputation among professional operators is US Optics.

us-optics.gifFounded in 1990 by shooter and long-time firearms industry veteran John Williams Jr., US Optics from the start staked out its own territory in the riflescope landscape: production of professional-grade products offering the ruggedness, optical quality, and functional features to perform flawlessly in all operational environments. This was achieved by, frankly, over-engineering the scopes. For example, the scope tubes have walls up to 0.100 of an inch thick, coil springs are used throughout, and the materials used for all moving parts, including stainless steel and brass for the windage elevation knobs, tungsten carbide for the ball detents, and 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum for scope bodies, are selected for strength and long wear, not to meet a certain price. Features of all models include premium-quality optical glass, multi-coating on all glass surfaces, nitrogen filling to prevent fogging from condensation, and epoxy-locked lens retaining rings. Available scope finishes include Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing, as well as CeraKote or Robar, all in a selection of colors or even camo patterns. The ruggedness of US Optics scopes makes them recoil-proof with everything up to and including .50 BMG rifles, and they are impervious to dust, grit, water and solvents.

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While there are many scope manufacturers offering optics of all types to hunters, target…