US PeaceKeeper AR RAT Case
US PeaceKeeper's Rapid Assault Tactical (RAT) case

Every great rifle needs great accessories. I carry my personal AR in a desert tan Rapid Assault Tactical (RAT) case from  US PeaceKeeper, a nylon gear company that manufactures products with exceptional quality, affordable pricing and a lifetime warranty.

With products ranging from cases to packs and range bags to shooting mats, US PeaceKeeper offers a high-quality alternative to some better-known companies. In a market full of nylon gear, US PeaceKeeper strikes a unique balance in price and affordability, without sacrificing any quality.

More often than I’d like to admit, I’ve seen rifles damaged in transit due to catastrophic failures of handles, zippers and the inadequate padding of the discount tactical nylon cases manufactured solely for style and price point but not designed for durability.

Why would anyone spend the time, money and effort to build a high-quality AR just to throw it in any old case? Get a high-quality case from US PeaceKeeper.

For more information on the Rapid Assault Tactical case and other products from US PeaceKeeper, please visit or call 877-732-2303.

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