In the upcoming October 2014 issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, author Jack Satterfield discusses the HDT Storm Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle (SRTV), which has the power to help save more of our warriors.

Satterfield writes, “According to Robin Stefanovich, HDT’s vice president of communications and director of business development for Special Operations Command (SOCOM) programs, several vehicle and engine design specialists helped create the Storm. Although the Storm resembles a stripped-down version of a Humvee, Stefanovich points out that the new vehicle, the product of collaboration with corporate partners, is not based at all on that vehicle.

“‘The HDT Storm began with the vehicle design and maximized performance through close collaboration with BC Customs of Clearfield, Utah, and EngineTec of Virginia Beach, Virginia.’ Stefanovich explained. ‘BC Customs has honed its craft in rugged all-terrain vehicle design for more than 20 years with acknowledged expertise in designing and manufacturing custom desert racing vehicles. Since 2005, BC Customs has worked with special operations forces to develop a vehicle concept that facilitates mission success in austere environments and that answers the previously unmet challenges these warfighters face.’

“‘EngineTec specializes in the design and development of advanced propulsion systems and small power systems,’ Stefanovich added. ‘EngineTec’s engines are developed for combatant craft, ground vehicles, power generators, multi-fuel requirements and other high- performance applications.’

“The vehicle design was perfected without government support. ‘The HDT Storm was completed through independent research and development funding,’ Stefanovich said. ‘Although the vehicle was purpose-built to support personnel rescue missions, it has also proven to be incredibly useful for scouting and reconnaissance missions. The vehicle’s modularity allows it to be quickly adapted to suit mission requirements in extreme environments and difficult terrain.’”

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