United Shield International has announced the release of its new and improved Spec Ops Delta Gen II helmet, which, like its predecessor, the Spec Ops Delta, provides protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles.

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The Gen II helmet — according to USI’s website — is made from advanced Aramid composites and comes fitted with a United Shield International Rapid Adjustment Dial BOA® retention harness, with a 2-way dial. Meanwhile, the harness features a split suede chin strap, in addition to a X style suede neck pad. Depending on your needs, the chin cup can be removed and replaced by a gas mask extender. The helmet also comes with the latest ultra comfort pad system — made by 4D Tactical to Mil-Spec — which exceeds boast phase change technology, meaning you’ll be comfortable in both summer and winter.

USI says the harness and pads can be removed for cleaning or replacement. In addition, the Spec Ops Delta Gen II helmet comes with an upgraded carbon fiber Integrated Components universal NVG mount, complete with bungees and Picatinny rails, which provide a solid platform for flashlights, cameras and other gear used by the tactical operator.  Each helmet also comes with a velcro kit.

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These helmets come in three sizes: medium, large and extra large. The standard colors are Black, tan and OD green, though most other colors can be accommodated, and USI offers a Hydro dip process for custom patterns. Accessories include a helmet bag, Riot Face shield with rail adapters, helmet cover and a gas mask strap.

About United Shield International

United Shield International is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of personal ballistic and fragmentation protection and fragmentation equipment, with headquarters in Michigan, USA, and design and manufacturing operations in Andover, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom.

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