UTM NLTA 7.62mm
UTM Releases Non-Lethal Training Ammo For 7.62mm Line

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) was founded in order to create safe training ammunition that would allow military, law enforcement and professional training organizations to “train as they fight” in immersive and authentic training environments and disciplines.

UTM’s extremely advanced non-lethal training ammunition (NTLA) has now branched out into the 7.62mm caliber, including the only 7.62mm Man Marker Round in existence.

The brand new 7.62mm NLTA line includes both 7.62mm x 51 and 7.62mm x 39.

The 7.62mm is available in both loose and linked rounds and all four types of UTM RBT NLTA:

  • Silent Blank Round (SBR)
  • Battlefield Blank Round (BBR)
  • Man Marker Round (MMR)
  • Target Bullet Round (TBR)

In conjunction with the new 7.62mm NLTA, UTM RBT has also developed weapon conversions for the M240B, H&K 417 and FN Minimi and will be announcing the availability of a new UTM RBT dedicated AK47 weapon soon.

For more information on the new line of 7.62mm non-lethal training ammo and other products from UTM Reality Based Training, please visit UTMWorldWide.com.

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