When it comes to tactical rides that are ideally suited for use in off-road and extreme wilderness conditions, including in a survival situation, Tim Ralston of the Gear Up brand of self-reliance products is the person to contact.


Tricked-Out M35

Get a load of Ralston’s U.S. military-surplus, 2.5-ton M35 truck, commonly known as the “deuce and a half,” that once served as a medical unit transportation vehicle and has now been retrofitted. From a survival perspective, the Gear Up deuce and a half is the ultimate form of transportation because this multi-fuel vehicle has a 6×6, five-speed manual transmission and a 55-gallon fuel tank. Inside the cab of the truck are a set of bucket seats with shocks, a lockable console compartment that contains an engine cut-off switch, a lockable dashboard compartment for a handgun, a new heater, a set of pneumatic windshield wipers and fold-down front windows. The original soft top on this remodeled ex-military vehicle has also been replaced with a custom-made hardtop.

Ralston has used the available space of the “medical box” at the rear of the truck wisely. Inside this compartment you will find a 35-gallon, fresh-water storage container, a running sink with drainage, a 24-volt water pump, a toilet, a 20-gallon waste tank, a refrigerator, an 18,000 BTU air conditioning and heating system, an industrial inverter, storage space for food and other supplies, a lockable cabinet for ammunition storage, bunk beds for two people, a gun rack, a sniper hole, a carpeted floor, interior lighting, a custom-made subfloor, ample air ventilation, an access ladder, two bug-out bags, two sleeping bags and two camouflage pillows.

This particular tactical ride is also equipped with an onboard air compressor, a trailer hitch, extra fuel storage, a portable propane grill, a collapsible canopy for outdoor camping, a new set of tail lights and camouflage exterior paint. The Gear Up deuce and a half is also designed to take advantage of solar energy and includes a solar-powered trickle charger. Gear Up also maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts for its deuce and a half camper/survival vehicles.

As far as fuel is concerned, the M35 has a multi-fuel engine, meaning it can be safely operate on diesel as well as other fuels, including used fry oil from restaurants, kerosene and used (strained) engine oil. This means that you can obtain used engine oil from local vendors, including establishments that perform oil changes on vehicles.

So not only are these well-equipped 6×6 vehicles street legal and capable of operating off road or in adverse conditions, but they can utilizes several fuel types, increasing their versatility. It’s also important to note that while the multi-fuel engine is powerful, it does not include complicated computer hardware. This means that any mechanically inclined individual who has a basic set of tools and a few critical spare parts should be able to keep their converted M35 operational without requiring expensive diagnostic equipment.


Rokon Trail-Breaker

Imagine owning a compact motorcycle that can carry two passengers and operates with an easy-to-use automatic transmission; a patented dual-wheel-drive system; a 14-inch ground clearance; a robust set of 8-by-12-by-25-inch, tractor-type tires; and is powered by a four-stroke, 208cc, 7-horsepower, fan-cooled Kohler engine that can operate for up to nine hours on regular unleaded gasoline. This particular motorcycle can also ford 24 inches of water and is designed to store up to 2.5 gallons of clean water in its 12-inch, hollow-drum wheels. In addition, this Rokon motorcycle is also so well balanced that it can climb steep grades at slow speeds in both on- and off-road conditions.

Tim Ralston’s Rokon Trail-Breaker motorcycle also floats (on its side), which means you and the bike can cross flooded areas or other bodies of water. In fact, to demonstrate this, Ralston floated his Rokon Trail-Breaker motorcycle in a freshwater river in Arizona, as a video on the website shows.

The fact that this motorcycle is constructed using easy-to-find commercial nuts, bolts and lengths of chain makes it possible to locate spare parts without having to access specialty shops. I should add that this relatively lightweight motorcycle, only 218 pounds, is narrow enough to drive in between rows of trees or planted crops and also has a well-deserved reputation for safely transporting its riders over the Chilean Andes, the Darien Gap, over felled trees and rocks, and through heavily forested areas, mud bogs, snow-covered terrain and vast desert landscapes. The Rokon Trail-Breaker is also equipped with a U.S. Forest Service-approved muffler and spark arrestor that is designed to prevent grassland and forest fires.

Additionally, the Rokon Trail-Breaker can be accessorized to meet your individual needs. Whether used by special operations military personnel, game wardens, hunters or people who are just concerned about their survival, the Rokon Trail-Breaker can be equipped with a rifle rack, ammo cans and a backpack. When used with an optional sidecar, the Trail-Breaker can transport an extra passenger or extra supplies and equipment. Operating the Rokon in this fashion can enable you to establish a campsite and then disconnect your sidecar and operate the motorcycle in its original configuration over more difficult terrain. The Rokon Trail-Breaker can also be hooked up to a generator, a water pump or other implements, including a plow.

Even though older Rokon Trail-Breaker motorcycles have an excellent reputation for holding up after years of hardcore use, the newer models are reportedly even more reliable and feature a solid-state ignition system, a reinforced frame, sealed gear cases and an improved ride.

Even though the converted Gear Up M35 is made for off-roading, the Rokon Trail- Breaker motorcycle is even more capable of operating in the most demanding conditions.

For more information, visit or call 480-306-4945.

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