TangoDown is expanding its Vickers Tactical product line with the new GSR-02 Slide Racker designed exclusively for the 9mm single-stack Glock 43.

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The GSR-02 Slide Racker features subtle yet tractable serrated wings at the slide’s end to ensure a positive recycling of ammo into the firearm, the company says. It’s a high-quality drop-in part that requires no other modifications to the gun. This product boasts a tough, stainless steel & injection molded glass reinforced nylon construction just like the OEM part, and it replaces the striker retention plate in a matter of minutes.

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No matter how adverse the conditions, or how tough the fight, you can always rely on the GSR-02 to keep your weapon up and running. Even if you’re down to one hand, cycling the slide against your belt, holster or heel is quick and positive. Small or arthritic hands will find it much easier to use than the traditional ‘slingshot’ method. The GSR-02 is big enough to offer advantage, yet slim enough to be unnoticeable in concealed carry holsters.

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The GSR-02 Slide Racker is available for $18.95.

About TangoDown

TangoDown®, Inc. now enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. Our reputation for unique design and quality manufacturing of weapon components has earned us first choice when it comes to stepping into harm’s way. We constantly shoot, train and listen to operator’s needs.  Only then can we provide a true solution. Our goal is to make the warrior’s weapon lighter and more efficient, whether a pistol, carbine or belt fed machine gun. We serve the individual operator or office up to large quantity OEM needs. For more information, visit

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