Knowing the range to your target is critical, whether you’re hunting, target shooting, competing in a match or working in law enforcement or the military.

Laser rangefinders have become the norm, supplanting the need for complicated and time-consuming mathematics. Laser rangefinders used to be very expensive, but now they’re common and much more affordable. They’re also capable of providing accurate range estimations at extreme distances, and Bushnell’s Elite line is among the best available. The company’s latest model, the CONX, can measure distances out to a mile, all while connecting with the latest wind meters from Kestrel and interfacing with your smartphone.

To create the CONX laser rangefinder, Bushnell worked closely with Kestrel and its wind meters. Using advanced Applied Ballistics software, the Kestrel determines your bullet drop and holds while taking the atmospheric conditions into account. Once linked, the Kestrel sends that data to the CONX, providing not only range but also the proper elevation for your scope. This setup updates in real time for the most accurate ranging information available throughout your range session.

I recently got my hands on the new CONX system during a day at a recent G&A Precision PRS competition, where it proved fast, accurate and easy to configure.

Ranging various targets out to 1,000 yards it provided updated information and proper holds for those guns saved in the Kestrel. You can also save gun data in the CONX rangefinder. The device was lightweight and easy to use, and it reliably synced up every time with the Kestrel.

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