Crimson Trace has developed some bold new technology that works together with their innovative laser sighting system to get your shots on target.

The company’s Shockstop System integrates with its new LG350 Lasergrips to put recoil-absorbing, non-slip, rubber-based material on the backstrap and under the molded finger grooves of the company’s J-Frame revolver replacement grip. This material helps cushion felt recoil, both where the frame pushes against the web of your hand and on the front where the grip kicks against your fingers.

The result is more controllable fire, and more comfortable practice. This non-slip material also helps you maintain firm control of the pistol, even with sweat-moistened hands or under other conditions.

The star of the LG350 grips, of course, is the 5mW laser built into the starboard side of the grip. Two replaceable lithium batteries power the laser for up to four hours. The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation, and comes from the factory sighted in at 50 feet. Turning the laser on is instinctive—with their Instinctive Activation design, the on/off button is located discretely in the grip where your middle finger depresses it automatically. Just wrap your fingers around the grip, and the laser turns on.

Currently available for round-butt S&W J-Frame revolvers, the LG350 Lasergrips are available in both red and green laser varieties.

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