Crimson Trace just introduced the LiNQ, the world’s first wireless laser and white light system. Designed for tactical rifles, the LiNQ is controlled by a grip that activates the light/laser module. One battery powers the light (a single CR2 lithium battery), while another powers the grip. They’re connected via a wireless signal that is coded individually to each set.

The ergonomically designed, non-slip grip replaces the existing pistol grip on your AR-pattern rifle, giving you an upgraded grip while putting the power of the LiNQ at your finger tips. When you grasp the grip normally, your middle finger automatically depresses the activation button, sending a signal to the light/laser module.

That module mounts to the standard accessory rails on your rifle, just about anywhere you choose to put it — way out at the far end of the rail, on the right side, is popular, so as to minimize side lighting on your barrel. You can program LiNQ to display the light and laser together every time you grasp your rifle, or choose another mode: light only, laser only, and laser plus strobe light.

The laser is Crimson Trace’s latest green laser, and the LED light produces an outstanding 300 lumens of light. Subtle indicator lights on each component verify that they’re synced, and master on/off switches ensure that you won’t drain the batteries in storage.

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