VIEVU² Wearable Wi-Fi Video Camera
VIEVU² Wearable Wi-Fi Video Camera

VIEVU announced VIEVU², the first wearable Wi-Fi video camera. Rugged and compact, VIEVU² can be worn on a belt, lapel, pocket, or other places bulkier cameras simply don’t fit. VIEVU² is rated for waterproof operation (IPX5), and is encased in military-grade anodized aluminum housing for durability. VIEVU² also features a proven law enforcement “one switch” design for quick activation even while wearing gloves. The LED indicator displays the status of the camera and the square design allows for simple clip rotation for easy attachment to clothing. VIEVU² records in HD (1280×720) and SD (640×480) modes, with a 95-degree field of view; 90 minutes of recording time, 16GB of on-board storage, and live video streaming capability via 802.11 g/n wireless. A VIEVU smart app pairs VIEVU² to smartphones for storage and view-finding; and enables streaming of live video to Android or any Wi-Fi network, or upload to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, email, and text accounts. A built-in editor enables quick trimming of videos or to add titles/add filters. For more information, visit

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