VIEVU Unveils 3 New Products For Law Enforcement leader

VIEVU has announced the addition of three new products to its lineup.

In addition to the recently announced Automated Video Redaction (AVR) Technology, VIEVU’s innovative product lineup includes two new cameras, the LE4 and the LE4mini, and a multi-dock portal that allows for automated video uploading without a computer.


The LE4 is the 4th generation of VIEVU Body Worn Video Cameras. The LE4 is the first camera built on a next generation modular platform, designed for departments who wish to record a full shift without interrupting that shift to download or recharge. The LE4 packs an assortment of advanced features into one rugged and compact package.

The LE4 includes a 95 degree undistorted field of view, a full-shift battery providing over 12 hours of continuous recording, pre- and post-event recording, wireless communications for live streaming and a companion smartphone app allowing for video review and the addition of metadata in the field.


The LE4mini is the second camera built on the LE4 modular platform. This camera is designed to be ultra-small and extremely rugged. The LE4mini contains the same 95 degree undistorted field of View, 3+ hours of continuous recording battery life, wireless communications for live streaming and a companion smartphone app to allow for reviewing video and adding metadata in the field.

When paired with an external battery pack, the LE4mini can activate pre- and post- event recording and increase the recording time to over 12 hours.

Multi-Dock Network

The Multi-Dock Network is a second generation Multi-Dock that adds Ethernet capabilities to allow for automated camera download without a computer. The Multi-Dock Network can simply be connected to a department’s existing network to automatically download and recharge up to 10 LE3, LE4 or LE4mini cameras. The Multi-Dock Network can be mounted in a rack or on the wall to maximize floor space.

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