As far as post-hunt accessories go, Viking Solutions is a go-to manufacturer.

The company recently introduced its Rack Jack Magnum, a portable, hand-winch powered lifting device that easily hoists heavy game for processing and transport.

The Magnum is the heavyweight counterpart to the original Rack Jack.

The Rack Jack Magnum connection mount fits into a standard 2-inch hitch receiver and has two outboard legs to support loading of up to 650 pounds. The heavy-duty, hand-crank winch is mounted to an offset boom, which is specially designed to facilitate loading straight into the bed of a truck.

With a set up time of less than two minutes, the Rack Jack magnum is perfect for loading and unloading game into a UTV or pick up bed in the field, lifting and hanging game from the back of your truck, and lifting any other items into and out of the bed of your truck.

For more information on the Rack Jack Magnum and other products from Viking Solutions, please visit

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