New Tactical Energy CR2 and CR123 batteries power-up laser sights, weapon-mounted lights and tactical flashlights with advanced lithium energy, ensuring optimum readiness in storage and maximum performance under fire.

Unlike lesser batteries, Tactical Energy Ultra Lithium batteries won’t self-discharge in the holster or locker, ensuring full power start to finish. They’re up to a third lighter, for faster draw and less swing weight. Energy shelf-life is measured in years, not weeks or months, for long-term reliability. Matched to the strict demands of tactical tools, Viridian Tactical Energy batteries give law enforcement, security and personal defense advocates the power to prevail when it counts.


At just $5.99 MSRP per 3-pack, Tactical Energy CR123 batteries cost no more — and the Tactical Energy CR2 3-pack actually costs less – than other batteries. In these times of squeezed personal and departmental budgets, that kind of value is significant.

Tactical Energy Ultra Lithium batteries, set in eye-grabbing packaging, will begin shipping soon, giving retailers a profitable add-on sale for every CR2/CR123 laser sight, taclight or tactical flashlight they sell, and providing a strong impulse buy for any shooter. In addition, co-op promotions with top firearm brands are expected to generate high interest and traffic.

Dealers are urged to order immediately to ensure prompt delivery and sufficient quantity. For more information about Tactical Energy Ultra Lithium batteries, visit or call 800-990-9390.

Viridian Green Laser Sights is the nation’s fastest growing laser sight manufacturer and was the first company to offer a compact green laser sight for use on pistols. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viridian Green Laser Sights is devoted to utilizing cutting-edge laser technology to offer compact, powerful, green lasers, for the civilian, military, and law enforcement markets. By utilizing its patent pending technology, the company prides itself on offering the brightest and highest quality laser sights available. Viridian Green Laser Sights are designed and built in the USA.

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New Tactical Energy CR2 and CR123 batteries power-up laser sights, weapon-mounted lights and tactical…