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Gemtech's New Blast Jacket

Brakes are loud and they create quite a blast — that’s why Gemtech took the initiative to develop a product that controls the blast away from the shooter.

The Blast Jacket is Gemtech’s newest accessory that mounts on all existing Gemtech Quickmounts.

The Blast Jacket throws the muzzle blast forward away from other shooters on the line and prevents the huge dust cloud that can be experienced when shooting in the prone.

Gemtech made the Blast Jacket out of pure titanium mainly for weight reduction. When all was said and done, the jacket weighed in at 3.5 ounces.

The stainless spring is capable of one million compressions, built to last. It keeps short guns short at 2.55 inches overall.

The Gemtech Blast Jacket retails for $195 and is available now. It requires the Gemtech Flash hider or Muzzle Brake for use, which are both sold separately.

For more information on the Blast Jacket and other products from Gemtech, please visit

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