PPSS Anti-Spit Mask
Watch: PPSS' Anti-Spit Mask Will to Protect LEOs, Correction Officers

PPSS’ goal is to defend frontline and law enforcement professionals from any threat.

Spitting is a common practice from combative suspects, as well as prisoners. To protect law enforcement officers and correction officers from contracting infectious diseases in the field, PPSS has released the Anti-Spit Mask.

PPSS’ Anti-Spit Masks have been designed to effectively help protect frontline professionals from Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases, transmitted by a combatant or violent person spitting saliva or infected blood in their face.

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The Anti-Spit Mask is slipped over the head of a combatant, prisoner or seriously intoxicated or aggressive member of the public following his arrest.

PPSS Anti-Spit Masks are compact, easy to deploy, safe, disposable and individually packed devices, already used by agencies and organizations around the world.

According to PPSS, “Unions representing the interest of the above professionals in countries around the world have for some time raised serious concerns about the increasing number of spitting incidents, as it has well known serious potential health risks. It is not just the officer that is affected but also their family, as tests and treatment for suspected contagious disease can last for several months.”

For more information on the Anti-Spit Mask and other products from PPSS, please visit PPSS-group.com or email [email protected]

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