Weaver 1-7x24mm Tactical Scope
Quick Targeting with Weaver's 1-7x24mm Tactical Scope

Weaver riflescopes, red dot sights, laser rangefinders and binoculars, among a laundry list of other optics and sights. The company’s line of tactical scopes are among the best in the industry.

The new 1-7x24mm Tactical Scope features Dual-Focal Plane MDR technology that integrates the close-range, quick targeting of a second focal plane (SFP) illuminated dot with the medium- to long-range versatility of a first focal plane (FFP) mil-dot reticle.

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In the new design, the SFP dot is slaved to the FFP etched-glass reticle to offer maximum versatility for competition, tactical and sport shooters.

For close range, and super-fast target acquisition, the scope offers true 1x power and a 4-MOA, daylight visible red dot that remains the same size at any power. This dot can be turned off for clear viewing of the Mil-Dot Ranging (MDR) reticle.

The MDR reticle is placed in the first focal plane, so it sizes along with the image as magnification is increased or decreased. Additionally, ranging calibrations are valid at any magnification.

The scope has a rugged 34mm, one-piece tube and a unique interchangeable magnification throw lever for user adjustability for mission- and competition-specific configuration.

The 1-7x24mm Tactical Scope retails for $1,739.99.

For more information on the 1-7x24mm Tactical Scope and other products from Weaver, please visit WeaverOptics.com.

Additional Features:

  • Powerful 7-time magnification
  • Rugged 34mm, one-piece tube
  • .1 mil click adjustments
  • Dual-focal plane reticle design incorporates a SFP illuminated dot and FFP reticle
  • Glass-etched Mil-Dot Ranging reticle
  • Extra battery compartment
  • True 1x low magnification power for both-eyes-open shooting
  • Comes with two sizes of interchangeable magnification throw levers

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