Whidden GunWorks Case Gauge

Whidden Gunworks is pleased to offer Case Gauges to compliment the handloading process. The Case Gauges can be used to determine your own rifle’s headspace and whether or not it falls within SAAMI specifications. Additionally they can be used to determine the headspace of factory ammunition or hand loads and see how they compare with your own chamber. The Case Gauges also can give you information on how to adjust your resizing die to give the optimum amount of shoulder setback during sizing.

The Case Gauges feature all stainless steel construction. They have easy to read markings and they are calibrated using actual Pacific Tool & Gauge headspace gauges. Most Case Gauges will work with several cartridges, so please see the compatibility chart for more information on choosing the right Case Gauge for your application.

Click here to see a chart to order the correct Case Gauge for your caliber.

Case Gauge Instructions

1.) Ensure that all surfaces inside the Case Gauge are clean.

2.) Insert cartridge or case onto the body of the case gauge.

3.) Screw top of case gauge onto body using firm pressure. 

-Cartridge or brass will need to be seated squarely on the bottom of the body and this may require loosening and retightening the cap a few times while the cartridge is in the body. 

-Any misalignment will cause an error and will make the reading a larger number than it should be.

4.) Read headspace measurement from side of case gauge. Each mark on gauge equals 0.001”

5.) Can be used on loaded ammunition or fired brass

-SAAMI Min Chamber (“Go”) equals 0”
-SAAMI Max Chamber (“No Go”) equals +0.010”
-SAAMI Min Cartridge equals -0.007

For more information about the Case Gauge and other products offered by Whidden GunWorks, please visit http://www.whiddengunworks.net/

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