The FLIRRecon M24 Thermal is an incredible pocket scope with extraordinary capabilities. So Wilcox Industries went out of its way to create the perfect mount for the FLIRRecon M24 Thermal.

Designed to provide hands free capability, the all new Wilcox FLIR Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor enhances the capabilities of the compact FLIRRecon M24 Thermal. The ability to use the FLIR M24 Recon hands free is ideal for surveillance situations and adds to its versatility.

The Wilcox Quick Detach Mount Adaptor utilizes either a horn or dovetail interface, that is easily swapped without the needs of tools. The dovetail is attached utilizing the ¼-20 threaded screw insert on the thermal body and is able to remain attached without impeding the use of the M24 during handheld operation.

The thermal can be detached effortlessly from the adaptor with the simple press of the lever or quickly reattached when needed.

When used with a Wilcox Helmet Mount and Shroud solution, the system creates a solid mounting platform with minimal movement. Several adjustment points are integrated into the mount to allow for precise eye alignment.

Wilcox’s NVG helmet mount allows the system to be flipped up out of the way providing a very low profile. The system can be configured for use with either eye.

The Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor has been engineered to Wilcox’s strict standards and features a lifetime warranty.  The adaptor is manufactured from aerospace grade metals and a very strong polymer and is hard anodized for durability. The system weighs a minimal 2.5 ounces.

For more information on the FLIR Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor and other products from Wilcox, please visit or call 603-431-1331.

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