Wilson Combat has unveiled their Tactical Trigger Unit (TTU), a modular trigger unit capable of being installed on any AR pattern rifle in under a minute. Scroll down to watch a video detailing the proper installation of the TTU.

Wilson Combat has created a two-stage, drop-in trigger unit with a 4.5-5 pound trigger pull without any fine tuning or adjustment. One of the major advantages of the TTU is the fact that it is a completely self-contained trigger module, so there are no loose parts to misplace. It also has components which are CNC machined and/or EDM Cut from solid bar stock, as well as an H13 heat-treated hammer, trigger and disconnector. In addition, the TTU has a positive trigger reset which reduces the length of time between follow-up shots, a 1911 Style Half-Cock Notch for optimized drop safety, and a unique hammer geometry which makes it useable with a number of different types of military and surplus ammunition. Retail price for this product is $269.95.

The Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit for AR-15s is compatible with any standard government profile AR style lower receiver with standard GI trigger pins of .154” diameter regardless of caliber, including 7.62/.308 length AR receivers. The TTU will not work on the following: Colt rifles made between 1991 and 2009 (because of the trigger pin size of .169″), Colt rifles with pinned-in sear blocks, and the Bushmaster ACR. In addition, any AR style rifle with a firing pin block in the bolt carrier will only accept the TTU 3G (TR-TTU-3G) or Two Stage Models (TR-TTU-M2).

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