Winchester Match Ammo for Rifles
Winchester Match Ammo for Rifles

Winchester Match Ammo for serious rifle competitors is now available in a variety of new lines for 2014.

A sleek bullet profile, large boat tail and small hollow point maximizes long-range accuracy—offering precision accuracy at long distances allows for competitive shooters and enthusiasts.

“More shooters have been showing interest in long-range match-style shooting, we have recognized this and our new offerings are here to better serve the competitors and make them the best,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales, marketing and strategy for Winchester Ammunition. “Match maximizes the precision needed at long-ranges in order to promote success and top-notch accuracy.”

Specifications for the new Match line include:

SKU Description Weight Velocity Bullet Type
S223M2 223 Remington 69 gr. 3060 BTHP
S556M 5.56mm 77 gr. 2710 BTHP
S65CM 6.5 Creedmoor 140 gr. 2710 BTHP


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