Body-worn cameras are becoming a standard for law enforcement officers around the country. From training purposes to protecting officers against unfounded complaints, cameras serve numerous purposes in the field.

As body-worn cameras increase in popularity, the technology surrounding the cameras continues to improve, resulting in products like the all new Wolfcom Vision.

The unit weighs only 2.2 ounces with a dimension of 2.9 inches high, 1.5 inches wide and 0.6 inches thick, making it one of the smallest and lightest police body worn cameras in the world.

The Wolfcom Vision can record and store more than 18 hours of video, can take more than 28,000 digital photos and can record more than 180 hours of audio. In short, the unit is a video camera, a digital camera and a voice recorder, combined into one single lightweight unit.

The Wolfcom Vision has a high quality 120-degree wide angle camera lens that can be rotated up or down allowing the officer to point the camera in the correct direction according to his or her  height or stature.  (120° is the maximum allowed  before warping or bending of the video image occurs.)

Video recording quality on the Wolfcom Vision is exceptional and configurable with selectable recording quality from 1080P true HD all the way down to 640×480 resolution, allowing police departments the ability to adjust the camera resolution according to their memory storage capacity.

To begin recording audio and video, the officer simply needs to press the One Touch Record switch to the “down” position. While recording video, the officer can simultaneously take photos by pressing the center button on the camera. To stop recording, the officer simply presses the One Touch Record switch to the “up” position.

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Main Features:

  • Video Camera that records 18 Hours of Video (36 Hrs with 64 GB)
  • Digital Camera that takes over 28,000 Digital Photos (56,000 with 64 GB)
  • Voice Recorder that records 180 hours of audio (360 Hrs with 64 GB)
  • Up to 1080p High Resolution recording
  • 120 Degree Wide Angle lens
  • Camera Flash and Flash Light
  • Up and down Rotatable Camera Head
  • GPS with Location Tagging or Marking during a Pursuit
  • Pre‐Record Buffering from 30 seconds to 30 minutes at 1080p with audio
  • Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos
  • Vibration and Audio Chime Confirmation on/off confirmation and low battery alert
  • Video Streaming out for Optional Live Remote View
  • One Touch Record Switch
  • Covert Photo Taking
  • Headset Camera Capable
  • Eye Glasses, Sunglasses, Collar, Epaulette, Cap Camera
  • Covert Pinhole Button Camera for Plainclothes Detectives
  • Night Vision capable with External Night Vision Camera
  • In-Car Camera Capable
  • Up to 8.5 Hours with Battery Packs and 20 Hours with Super Pack
  • Programmable Record Light for Public Awareness

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