AWC Systems Technology is a manufacturer of Suppressed Weapons & Firearm Suppressors for pistols, rifles & sub-machine guns.  Their facility is well organized with space efficiently utilized and the manufacturing area is not filled with the usual clutter that I’ve seen at so many production facilities. According to Christopher Short of AWC, everything is done on site from raw material to finish product with quality closely controlled throughout the process.  While Chris gathered a number of gun cases and ammunition for our outing he explained that Lynn McWilliams started AWC in 1983 partly out of his own frustration of not being able to buy a quality suppressor for his own use. Using modern technology and sophisticated machinery McWilliams was able to set a new standard for sound suppression.

optech2All branches of the US military are currently using AWC products as well as an alphabet soup of federal law enforcement agencies. The company’s mission is to develop and provide the most efficient sound suppressors available. McWilliam’s motto is, “Quality has no fear of time.”

While I had fired suppressed weapons before, my experience with them was limited. Chris explained that the primary purpose of the suppressor was to strip the projectile of hot gas, delay it and dissipate its heat quickly. “If we can reduce the muzzle blast we’ll be able to significantly reduce the noise. The high-pressure gases that are suddenly escaping from the end of the barrel as the bullet exits cause muzzle blast. AWC’s technology takes these gases and delays them through trapping and turbulence. The gas is given a place to expand thereby reducing its temperature. Any suppressor’s efficiency will be measured by how well it reduces the gas pressure by allowing it to expand and delaying its exit time from the muzzle.”  AWC goes way beyond reducing muzzle blast with their frequency shifting technology, which gives every AWC suppressor the sweet sound Lynn McWilliams has always aimed to achieve in his products.

TurboDyne .50 BMG
First out was a Barrett M82 in .50 BMG. Chris and his assistant Darren, rolled out a small shooting mat so we wouldn’t have to lay on the bare dirt but I noticed that the mat did not extend far enough beyond the muzzle of the suppressor. I’d made the same mistake before while shooting in the desert. Laying on the soft desert sand, I neglected to put a shooting mat or even a piece of cardboard under the muzzle before firing and was rewarded with a shower of sand, most of which went down my collar, after touching off a shot from an unsuppressed .50 BMG.

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AWC Systems Technology is a manufacturer of Suppressed Weapons & Firearm Suppressors for pistols,…