World War Supply M7 Shoulder Holster Black
M7 Shoulder Holster Left Hand Version with Premium Black Drum-Dyed Leather

World War Supply focuses its efforts on modernizing historical gear for your firearms.

Recently, the company released three new shoulder holsters.

The U.S. Victory Revolver Shoulder Holster is made with drum-dyed premium black leather. It will fit Victory revolvers, S&W Model 10, M&P and similar size revolvers. The revolver pictured is not included it is there to show the fit. The holster is marked U.S. on the front and JT&L MRT July 1965 on the back.

The second holster is the M7 Shoulder Holster, also made of black premium drum-dyed leather. This holster is, however, a left-hand version.

The last holster on the list is the premium brown drum-dyed leather M7 Shoulder Holster, also a left-handed model. The holster is marked U.S. on the front and US JT&L 43 on the back. A perfect fit for your 1911.

For more information on the shoulder holsters and other products from World War Supply, please visit

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