World War Supply — a veteran-owned company which offers reproduced and original firearms and accessories from different historical periods — has released their World War II-era Japanese oil bottle. This product is an original standard oil bottle carried by the Japanese Armed Forces on their combat belt during the Second World War. Another new release from World War Supply is their original World War II-era Japanese canteen with a reproduction harness. The canteen body is completely original, while the rest is a modern reproduction. Both of these items are perfect for any World War II collection. Retail price for the oil bottle is $18.99, while the canteen is available for $89.99.

World War Supply sells replica and original historical items from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary Empire, Japan, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia/Serbia.

They are a Michigan-based company which offers “an extensive selection of top-quality reproduction and original militaria from around the world spanning several time periods,” according to their official website. “We travel the world looking for new items to bring to our customers. We work directly with the manufacturer during product development to make sure you have the most accurately reproduced item possible. Most of our items are made exclusively for us. You will not find the exact same one anywhere else. We spend a lot of time on product development to insure each product is correct. Whenever possible the items are patterned directly from the originals.”

Their items have been sold to collectors, reenactors, filmmakers, museums, and many more. For more information about World War Supply and their range of products, visit

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