X Products X-15 SCU Outlaw
X-15 SCU upper mounted to X Products 8.5” Outlaw 9mm assembly

X Products’ new X-15 Side Charged Upper (SCU) is focused on the shooter’s ease of operation.

The X-15 is a new AR left side upper designed to work with a military standard AR-15 bolt and carrier that doesn’t require machine modification.

The elevated charging position allows the bolt carrier to be operated with a proprietary cam pin that is included with the upper. The X-15 allows the shooter to charge their weapon from the left side without interfering with their shooting position.

The design of the X-15 allows for use with delta rings and increased diameter forend rails.

Profiled for use with anti-rotation tabs and M4 feed ramps, the X-15 also works with standard bolt hold open devices and remote versions.

A rail location is featured on the right hand side for offset optics or fixed sites.

The X-15 will see increased performance with a gas slide that covers the charging port and prevents gas and debris from hitting the operator when suppressed.

The X-15 Side Charged Upper retails for $299 and is available now.

For more information on the X-15 Side Charged Upper and other products from X Products, please visit XProducts.com.

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