The Mobile Field Force moved up the street, clearing the remnants of the college sports riot they were assigned to suppress. The air was thick with CS gas after the grenadiers fired multiple rounds of 37mm chemical agents in the beginning fusillade. Like most rioters in these incidents, few hung around after the chemicals started working on their eyes, lungs and skin, but there are always some diehards or fools that hang around for more. Moving behind the phalanx of Lexan riot shields they moved up the side streets, checking and clearing the area. Stepping from between two houses, five rioters with their T-shirts wrapped around their faces threw beer bottles at the team, which shattered on impact with the shields. Immediately the officer assigned to less-lethal opened up on their legs with more than 10 rounds of 12-gauge bean bags. Fired with the force of a major league fastball they took the fight out of the miscreants—putting a couple on their butts and sent the rest limping away and easily taken into custody by the MFF arrest team. Ten rounds impossible from a 12 gauge pump you say? Not with the XRAIL Magazine Extender…

Shotgun Firepower

Imagine being able to shoot 23 rounds of 00 buck downrange without need of a reload. That’s right, 207 .33-caliber lead balls heading toward your targets without having to stuff more high-brass shells in the tube. XRAIL-fitted shotguns with their decided advantage of mucho rounds in the tube have dominated the shotgun portion of many a three-gun match—but does it have a place in law enforcement, the military, and corrections?

The XRAIL is a rotating set of four magazine tubes that are spring-driven. All loading is done through the traditional loading port into the tube magazine. You begin by loading the tube until capacity (seven rounds in the 14-round Remington 870 I tested; the 14 rounds with the XRAIL system, plus one in the chamber makes for 15 shots). You then rotate the XRAIL one click until the next tube is lined up. Load three or more shells until it’s full then rotate and repeat until all four tube sections are full.

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The Mobile Field Force moved up the street, clearing the remnants of the college…