Yankee Hill Machine has gone lightweight with on of its newest handguards for 2014: the SLK keymod handguard series.

The SLK include all parts necessary for installation and is YHM’s lightest handguard to date.

YHM machined a lightweight Picatinny rail at the 12 O’clock position, with customizable keymod rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for full customizability.

The main driving force behind YHM’s development of the SLK handguards was customer demand. YHM said that as the keymod mounting system gained its popularity, more and more of their customer base requested we develop and manufacture a handguard with this feature.

The SLK’s look and feel was based on YHM’s Slim Light Rail (SLR), which was designed and introduced in 2013. The SLR’s solid mounting platform combined with the comfort of its design in the users hand made this the best candidate for developing a Keymod system.

The majority of the weight of the Keymod handguards is located in the mounting system right next to the upper receiver, which leads to an extremely balanced AR-15 platform.

Three different lengths are available at 7.3 inches, 9.25 inches and 12.25 inches. The different sizes retail for $190, $202 and $230, respectively.

For more information on the SLK series of handguards and other products from Yankee Hill Machine, please visit

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