Based out of Oklahoma, YetiTac offer solutions for inside the waistband or outside the waistband carry. The company builds about an even number of both and has a plethora of options for the all new Glock 43.

All holsters are custom built according to the customer’s choices from the YetiTac website.

YetiTac’s inside the waistband holsters offer a belt clip or soft belt loops for that perfect fit and start at $40.

The company also makes quite a few of its paddle holsters for the Glock 43.

YetiTac’s newest OWB holster is called the Quick Claw. It has speed clips instead of a paddle or belt loops and gives shooters the best of both worlds. Easy on/off without needing to undo your belt and lace it through the holster. It goes on and off easy like a paddle, but with the strength and stability you expect with belt loops.

In addition to these models, YetiTac also builds a thigh rig, should shooters need that type of holster for their Glock 43.

For more information on the products mentioned above and other products from YetiTac, please visit

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