With the 2014 hunting season on its way, the good people at Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) have gotten busy customizing items for the hunting community they care so much about.

Enter the YHM Deer Tracks Handguard, which was designed with the discriminating hunter in mind.

The deer tracks forearm has been designed to be lightweight, smooth and simple. The deer track cut-outs greatly reduce weight, aids in barrel cooling, and all the while adding character to your hunting rifle.

When designing the forearm, YHM asked what a hunter really wants and what he needs. With this concept in mind, YHM decided that a hunter does not want extra weight to carry through the brush, but he may want a front sight, and a hunter does not need many accessories, but he may need a sling or a bi-pod. Therefore, YHM chose to include the option to add a front sight.

There are two threaded holes at the 12 o’clock position on the muzzle end that will accept the YHM 3-inch customizable rail (YHM-9464-3 sold separately).

The manufacturer also added a threaded hole for a sling/bi-pod stud (YHM-262 sold separately) directly below this at the 6 o’clock position. The handguard also accepts YHM’s forearm endcaps (YHM-9484-A & B).

The YHM Deer Tracks Handguard retails for $140.

For more information on the Deer Tracks Handguard and other products from Yankee Hill Machine, please visit

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