With the Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF, Carl Zeiss implemented the world’s first digital laser rangefinder with LED display and integrated BISTM ballistic calculator.  Zeiss’ new Victory PRF is the pocket-sized all-rounder for observation, rangefinding and ballistic evaluation.

The high-performance optics with a two-element Achromat in the 26 mm lens and Carl Zeiss T* coating provides a very bright image: its 8x magnification also makes the Victory 8×26 T* PRF ideal for long distance observation, and the 26 mm lens diameter provides reserves for poor light conditions. The 110 m field of view, measured at a distance of 1000 m, provides users with a full overview in any situation.

The ergonomic design and ease of use of the Victrory PRF also leave nothing to be desired. A slight press of the measuring button displays the range and the required correction value for the point of impact in the field of view.

Brilliant optics
* Bright image thanks to 26mm lens diameter.
* T* multi-coating for maximum light transmission.
* Full field of view for eyeglass wearers thanks to special eyepieces.

Mechanical design and appearance
* Robust, waterproof housing with rubber armoring.
* Easy-to-grip, ergonomically designed shape.
* Ideal for precise measurements at long distances due to optimization for dual hand holding.
* Large rotary eyecup with four clickstops for customized fitting.

* Invisible, eye-safe class 1M laser for rangefinding up to 1300 yards.
* Clearly arranged and easy operation via two buttons.
* Self-illuminating LED display with automatic brightness adjustment.

* Rangefinding, either in meters or yards.
* BIS™ ballistic information system with display of the required correction of the point of impact.
* Selection of the bullet flight path and the zeroing range for the BIS™ via the SET button.
* Scan Mode for fast repeating measurements of small of moving targets.

One-touch principle
* Fast and precise measurement.
* Press the MESS button: indicator appears.
* Release the Mess button: the measurement is performed and the result displayed.

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