Zero Motorcycles, renowned manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles, has added a range of police and security motorcycles to their product line. These motorcycles, the Zero DSP and SP, are perfect for a number of different patrol applications. Click here to watch videos of these motorcycles in action.

The Zero DSP and SP police & security motorcycles feature an electric powertrain which is largely silent, has instant torque from 0 rpm, and produces a small amount of heat. The motorcycles also have a top speed of 95 miles per hour and a maximum range of 164 miles on a charge. The advantage of using Zero’s new line of police motorcycles is that these can be used for virtually any scenario, including patrolling public lands such as parks, beaches and dirt trails, crowd control, city patrol, and stealth patrol. See below for additional details. Click here and here for product specifications.

Features: Zero DSP & SP Police Motorcycles

-Maintenance-free powertrain
-Life of motorcycle power pack
-Top speed of 95 MPH
-Maximum 164 miles range on a charge
-Regenerative braking
-Options for on or off-road use

Advantages of Electric Patrolling

-Patrolling and investigating public lands: parks, beaches, dirt trails, running paths
-Event safety and crowd control: concerts, parades, sporting events
-General city patrols: dense pedestrian areas, city streets, local emergency calls
-Stealth patrols: drug enforcement, burglary, security, campus environments, other situations where silence is an advantage

New Tactical Advantages

-Accelerate instantly from a silent idle
-Extremely lightweight for greater maneuverability
-Ride without needing to shift
-Silently idle while among crowds
-Pursue subjects without engine noise
-Stealthily take off from a hideout
-Ride indoors or in close confines
-Leverage the advantage of surprise
-Socially responsible vehicle use

Eliminate Gasoline Complications

-Reduce noise and exhaust disturbances
-Recharge anywhere
-Eliminate gas and oil spills
-Eradicate burn and fire risks
-Promote green technology
-Improve the environmental credentials of local authorities

For more information about Zero DSP & SP Police Motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles, please visit

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