Ashlynne Thomas has joined Team Benelli

Benelli announces the continued growth of its winning 3-Gun Shooting Team with the addition of Junior shooter Ashlynne Thomas.

Ashlynne Thomas Got Her Start Early in the Shooting Sports

Hailing from the state of Texas, Ashlynne is among the up-and-coming shooters in the exciting 3-Gun competition arena. The 16-year-old began shooting at the age of nine. She received her first gun, a .22 rimfire rifle, and immediately discovered a passion for the shooting sports.

“The first day at the range,” Ashlynne explained, “I knew there was something about shooting that made me happy.”

Since then, Ashlynne has broadened her skills and repertoire, expanding to the AR-15, pistols, and eventually shotguns. The young lady primarily competes in the 3-Gun Tac Ops division, choosing the Benelli M2 as her shotgun of choice. In addition to 3-Gun competition, Ashlynne participates in USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge events. She garnered impressive finishes last year at several top venues. These matches include the Nordic Tri-Gun, Zombies in the Heartland, Texas Magpul 3-Gun, Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, and A Girl and A Gun Fall Fest.

Three Gun is a Positive Activity for Young Adults and Children

“Three-Gun is a challenging yet exceedingly rewarding discipline that is enticing to young shooters and provides them with an on-ramp to further specialize in the shooting sports,” said Tim Joseph, Vice President of Benelli USA Brand Marketing . “Ashlynne is a perfect representation of the next-generation competitive shooter and no doubt she will, through her social following and media exposure, inspire more youth and young adults to pick up the shooting sports for recreation and perhaps even competitive careers.”

For more information about Benelli, you can visit their website at this link.

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