Tactical Nickname chart

Amidst the serious news and body cam videos and product reviews we bring you on a daily basis, we like to have fun in the Athlon Outdoors office. A recent example involved us coming up with a tactical nickname for everyone on staff; most of which are not repeatable in this forum.

This exercise evolved — or devolved, pending your point of view — out of a slow news day. But it ended with us laughing for about an hour straight. Then we thought, “How can we get our readers involved in this?”

So here you go. It’s very simple. Your tactical first name is the first initial of your actual first name in real life. You tactical last name is your birth month. Follow along in the graphic above and figure out your tactical nickname. Share this with your friends and figure out who has the most ridiculous nickname. One of our editors ended up with “Magnum McSendIt,” which we figured is a firearms god who moonlights as a porn star in his spare time. Think yours is better? Let us know in the comment section below.

And yes, before you ask, that is Pat McNamara‘s silhouette in the graphic. We couldn’t help ourselves.

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